PPC – 10 Rules For A Successful Campaign

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We want to highlight some common reasons why campaigns fail and suggest some tips that you can use to create a success PPC campaign that can be used for both Google Ads or with Bing Ads since their platforms are very similar. 

1Determine your goal(s)

Whether your goal is to increase subscribers, sales, or your brand awareness, it is vital you know what it is before you start, otherwise you could running your advertising in the wrong direction and realizing it too late.

2Define a budget

Define a budget for your PPC campaign as here as an advertiser you will have to make payments on the basis of number of clicks, prepare what you are willing to spend daily / monthly and prep accordingly.

3Make a list of keywords

The most important requirement for the success of any Pay Per Click campaign is selection of the right keywords. Only with the appropriate keywords one can promote an online business successfully through a PPC campaign. Use tools such as the Google Keyword Planner to find the right words for your business.

4Negative keywords

As much as you’ll target customers with keywords, you will get searches that aren’t relevant to your business. It’s important to keep on top of these and create an efficient negative keyword list. Additionally, make sure not to add any keywords that will conflict with your active keyword list.

5-Optimize your bids

Use bid-adjustments to change the bids on your most popular keywords, bid according to device or time or day. There are even automatic bidding strategies that may be useful for your campaign.

6Create an attentiongrabbing headline for your campaign

Even if the keywords have good ranking you won’t get many visitors if your ad is not appealing. Your click-through rate is defined by your ad-copy. 80% of users will only read your headline.

7Create attractive ad copies

For successful PPC campaigns, the ad copies below the headline must also be attractive and appealing to encourage viewers to buy your product. For the 20% that read on and view the full advert, this text could be the difference between a conversion and missed customer.

8Create landing pages

Create unique landing page with good call to action features so that the visitor gets to see the product or service directly that you want to sell online. It’s useful to have multiple landing pages for each of your ad-groups. The more relevant your page to what the user has searched, the more likely they are to stay.

9Never fool visitors

As far as PPC campaigns are concerned, always tell the truth about your business or services. If visitors come to your site and don’t find the things as promised in the ad copy, it will lead to negative publicity for your site. You will end up spending a lot of money which won’t fetch you conversions.

10-Monitor the success rate of your campaigns closely on a daily basis

Check the response to your ad copies periodically to make sure your campaign is on target. You cannot set up a campaign and leave it to run on it’s own. You must maintain your quality scores and update your keyword lists, negative lists and update your ad copies where you feel certain ads aren’t performing.