What is Digital Marketing?

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Old companies are changing their “stiff” business model into a new and modern online model. The old-fashioned marketing efforts are now supplemented with all kinds of digital marketing strategies. It all happens to develop a presence online.

Leveling the playing field

Traditional marketing campaigns were always intended for large companies and multinationals as the costs involved where often on the higher scale. Digital marketing balances the playing field and offers small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to compete against the big boys. In addition, expensive call centers and physical offices are no longer needed to compete. Effective online marketing can also be carried out by small, effective parties.

More interaction with the target group

One of the reasons why online marketing takes over traditional marketing channels is the power to communicate with the target audience in real time. Involvement is the key word here. With sufficient interaction you can really find out what your target group wants. A simple post with many responses on Facebook can already offer a lot of new insights. And what about a Q&A (question and answer) webinar in which you have live contact with your target group? Companies nowadays know better than ever what their customers want.

The customer can be reached anytime and anywhere

Smartphone usage has sky-rocketed in the last decade and this development has completely changed the playing field. Orders can be placed from the back of your hand, online advertisements are adapted to smartphone use, and the influence of social media is enormous. Online marketing changes with the user. And if it’s mobile, then online marketing is too.