Business process automation (BPA) is a technology-driven procedure that minimises the difficulty of complicated business processes

Automating your business processes gives structure to your organisation

Business processes are accompanied by information and as your organisation grows so do your business processes. Modern businesses cannot compete in the market place with the cost implications of an entirely man managed process, so whilst you are spending up to 80% of your time on laborious process management your competitors already have AI assisted processes which means they are spending more time on their customers. Allowing the market and competition to grow in efficiency around you without moving with the times can render your business obsolete. Think about this, which actions do you perform every day or on a regular basis? Which of these could we remove from your process and how much time would that save?

Nothing special is needed to map your process. To start with your team, put the entire process flow on paper. It provides direct insight and you are forced to think critically about where things can be improved. We work with you on this to tell you where, how & why these improvements should be made thus allowing you to focus on your customers and growing your business.

Work more efficiently

By having frequent processes processed by an automated flow you increase the productivity of your team. The time you save can now be used for things that always needed more attention, but often remained underexposed. What that is, is different for every organisation.

You can think of an automated lead generation process, so that your sales people are now more outside, at the customer’s table. Or an automated calculation process so that quotes no longer have to be drawn up manually but are immediately available on your site through real-time calculations. With this you save time, effort and improve your business a whole.

The efficiency becomes even greater if you automate the processes that go beyond department or team. As a planner, for example, you don’t have to go to the telephone to check with sales what the status of a progress is. With the automation of your processes you can make that information accessible to everyone.

Eliminate errors in your business processes

Errors occur when processes are carried out by people. All very human, but you don’t want that if the risks are high. A small mistake can cause you to lose income or deliver a double order to a customer by mistake. An automated process captures this, if of course correctly defined.

Nothing can really go smoothly without an automated system, so it’s important that you incorporate checks into your task flow. Checks that determine whether a sub-task may proceed to the next step in the process or, better, a step back. Because you establish your business rules, you force everyone to go through the necessary steps. That way you force a process to run correctly and you don’t have to manually check whether everything is still going well.

As soon as your first processes run digitally, it is measurable. You know how often, how much, who, what, where did. These are insights that you previously did not have in your old method. Insight also ensures that you will see patterns. Patterns of what is the same every day, so also what is not within the pattern. You pay attention to those outliers, so that you can refine and improve your process.

Insights can be obtained by keeping logs. It is more “chic” to translate that into a real-time dashboard on which you present the results. By visualising your so-called “Key Performance Indicators”, success management is a lot easier.

Stats & Benefits

1. Save time on processes that you repeat more often
36% of entrepreneurs who opted for automation indicated that it took many tasks away, leaving them more time for the most interesting part of their work. Their passion and what they are really good at.

2. Give people the right information at the right time
30% of online marketers discovered that with marketing automation they could better determine their customers and ultimately make more sales through a more targeted target group.

3. Provide qualified leads to yourself
The biggest advantages of an automatic marketing system is that you can filter leads. You therefore filter out the customers that do not match your service or product. You can save a lot of time with this.

4. Lower costs

Because you determine your target and target group for the marketing system and thus create online visibility, you can have the automated system do the work of a marketing team of fifty people. So with this you save a lot of money!

5. Information improvement
You know which information, which communication and which content appeals to your customer the most. And in which way you have the highest conversion, the highest turnover and sell the most products.

Our Story

Our business started as a B2B marketing agency, the primary function to advertise businesses and generate leads.  Our platform was built to make the job of our sales team simple and streamline costs.

Every one of our competitors used 1 member of admin staff for every 2 sales staff.  Our whole company run on an A.I. system and 1 Admin to answer the calls.  Everything was automated;

  • Payments
  • Collections
  • Contract & Document dispatch
  • Automatic HTML layouts
  • E-Signature via Mobile phone or email

We know inside out the benefits of this because we were our own first customer.  We lived and breathed the automation process because our success hinged on it.  And every system we build has the same deep understanding of process management to ensure we can completely streamline your revenue streams by putting dead time to more effective use.