CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Maintaining and improving your business relationships with both existing and potential customers.

What is CRM?

CRM in all its simplicity is intended to strengthen the relationship with customers and potential customers. The goal is to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and commitment to retain existing customers, improve relationships, and constantly attract new, profitable customers. For that purpose, a CRM system (also known as a CRM solution or CRM software) is often used, which can collect all important information about customers in one place and which provides all employees of the company with an overview of this data. With this greater knowledge about the individual needs and behaviours of the customer, your employees can build long-term relationships with standing or potential customers. Getting to know your customers is an essential part of being a successful business, so you can contact them at the right time with the right communication, thus increasing the chance of a sale. You can segment your potential customers on the basis of, for example, industry or purchasing behaviour, so that you can better prioritise your sales activities.

How can a solid CRM system improve your administration?

You save time on administrative work, because all important customer data is brought together in one location and the CRM system can automate a number of manual tasks related to the processing and analysis of customer data. The system can grow and be adjusted when your needs change.

Why is a good relationship with your customer so important?

Many companies believe that competition in all different sectors is greater than ever before. Customers can choose between a growing number of suppliers, and if the expectations of the customer are not met, the customer can easily find another supplier, and this can be done in five minutes with modern technology.That is why a customer usually does not have much patience, if he is not satisfied, then it is not far to the greener grass on the other side. Why would a customer stay with your business and keep coming back to your business? A major part of this has to do with their conscious or unconscious relationship with your business.

What do customers really expect, and why do they stay with your company?

Increasing competition has also led many customers to expect more than just the delivery of a product or service. They want suppliers who show genuine interest in their company and who are committed to their challenges and problems. And that is why a good relationship with the customer is so important for the sales and marketing of many companies.

The negative

The result of a bad customer relationship and a bad customer experience can be much graver than just a lost customer. In the worst case, the consequences are negative publicity or negative reviews online and then it has business implications that go far beyond the individual customer.

Make the more profitable choice

It is not only common sense to maintain customer relationships – in many cases it is also more profitable to retain and develop existing customers than to use resources to attract and retain new customers. With this knowledge it is remarkable that many companies spend large sums of money selling themselves to new customers, and use very few resources to maintain long-term and loyal relationships and thus guarantee the duration of a relationship with existing customers.

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