Lead Generation

This is where an advertiser pays a publisher, such as a website or search engine, whenever their advertisement is 'clicked' by a potential customer.

The concept is known as Pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click.

Various advertisers essentially bid on a keyword or phrase which is relevant to the product or service they are trying to provide as opposed to other sites that use fixed prices for clicks instead of a bidding system. Many key websites have adopted PPC, like Facebook and Twitter amongst others.

There are ‘banner’ advertisements which show related content on websites, but this is not PPC marketing. PPC advertisements are only displayed when a keyword or phrase matches one that an advertiser has bid for. The name for these is sponsored links or ads, and they are recognisable because they will appear either above or below the organic results on a search engine, often marked with the icon ‘Ad’ in a self-contained box. On a website however, they will appear in a re-designated location decided by the website developer.

In line with other forms of digital marketing, PPC has become a booming business and one of the most lucrative. Maintaining an authentic use of PPC advertising is invaluable, so many websites have automated systems to minimise the risk of fraudulent or abusive use of advertisement clicking.

Brainbox Technology are not only au fait with the use of PPC, we have personal experience of the difference that effective PPC marketing can make. We have significant experience-based knowledge of when and how best to capitalise upon PPC advertising and are fully equipped to share what we have learnt.