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Turn your website from functional to sleek and stylish as well. We have some of the most highly-skilled and professional web developers with a wealth of knowledge and experience to set you apart from the rest.

Your site is often the first impression of your business. More & more companies and organisations are starting to realise the importance of a well-designed website so it's vital to stay one step ahead with your site.

The importance of an impressive yet highly functional design

The development of design is largely related to the rise of the digital age. For many companies, digital products and services are the Achilles heel of their operation. The importance of a good design goes further than “styling”. Where digital technologies make new things possible, it is up to the designer to make these innovations applicable and – not unimportant – understandable to consumers. Design for the digital domain is not so much about what the exterior should look like, but rather about how the product should work.

Levels of web design

1. In the first graphic level, design is about the visual aspect: illustrations, icons and images.

2. The second level of design is about the physical / functional design, for example, products or architecture. On these two levels, design is mainly applied in practice and is mainly about output. From the third level, the term “design” becomes more abstract: this involves designing processes, activities and interactions, also known as interaction design. From this level, the impact of design within the organization increases significantly. Setting up these processes and making the interaction with the user as user-friendly as possible goes beyond what is ultimately stated on a website.

3. Design on the third level has as its main principle that the end user is central. This therefore also has an impact on internal business processes, on customer service and ultimately even on the product or service offering.

4. The fourth and most strategic level of design is about designing systems within which the other three levels operate. The design of such a system is closely related to the vision of the company. It consists of core or design principles that are supported throughout the organization and are expressed in all (digital) products or services. Design on the fourth level not only has an impact on an organization, it forms the core of your identity and right to exist, together with the business strategy and vision.

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